Major Regional Bank Selects High Performance Fortigate for Next Generation Firewall and Industry-Leading Application Control

The Bank With over 100+ branches in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Burundi, some of which are 24/7 digital branches, the bank is committed to enabling people to advance with confidence and success. The Bank’s heritage and values are articulated in its brand promise, Achieve More, and brought to life through an engaged diverse workforce..

Recently banks in the region they have come up against an onslaught of highly advanced targeted attacks. Due to this the Bank moved to boost its security capabilities. They required a high performance security solution that would be capable of application control, be able to enforce granular security policies particular to individual users, and be capable of web filtering as well as optimize their network traffic.

Additionally, the security solution had to be able to scale and remain reliable at all times in order to route internet traffic from all of the bank’s nationwide branch offices to a centralized datacenter at its headquarters, for the purpose of single-point policy control and management. The Banks individual requirements and high performance needs made it a suitable candidate for a Fortinet solution.


  • Achieve stringent PCI compliance within a major complex network
  • Safeguard seamless migrations for banks/payment processors and their highly sensitive, low-latency data


  • Create a scalable and reliable security solution capable of growth
  • High performance capable of application control, web filtering, and optimizing network traffic


The bank selected Crescentech’s proposal comprising of Fortinet’s Fortigate-3000D next generation firewall as the backbone of a new security solution to secure its network. Ultimately, five major international and domestic security vendors participated in the Bank’s tests in order to demonstrate system performance in security and management capabilities. Fortinet’s superior performance led to their selection as the Bank’s next security vendor.

During the test, Fortinet’s FortiGate-3000D outperformed competitors by delivering IPS, application control, and throughput for a combined firewall of 80 Gbps. This performance over the wire was achieved for both 1500-byte and 64-byte packets, which the Bank determined to be critical for maintaining VoIP traffic, mobile, and traditional wired systems as a part of their security solution. One of the most important factors in Fortinet’s selection was its high performance across a wide range of packet sizes.

The FortiGate-3000D’s ability of providing outstanding application control, web content filtering and monitoring led it to be the superior appliance when compared to the competitors. Its application control and filtering security features are powered by FortiGuard Labs. FortiGuard Labs currently supports nearly ,5,000 applications, which are also customizable if required by customers based on specific needs. The FortiGate’s web filtering prowess enables it to block undesirable content, in turn improving employee productivity and simultaneously lowering risk.


Since deployment of the FortiGate-3000D, the Bank has successfully standardized its network security environment. Even with an increase in internet traffic at the centralized network control center, the FortiGate-3000D is capable of rapidly processing data while maintaining ease of use in terms of configuration and management. Setting up or changing policy for meeting compliance requirements are now smooth and simple to implement. “Our enterprise-class security appliances regularly beat the competition in real-world tests. The FortiGate-3000D lives up to its performance promises, which is a testament to the technology and R&D innovation that we have put behind our solutions,” said Patrice Perche,

Fortinet’s Senior Vice President of International Sales & Support.

“We are committed to developing the best next generation firewalls on the market and bringing more security and control to financial services firms, government organizations, and large enterprises around the world.”