Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Data Analytics Expert Training

Acquire proficiency in the practical application of data analysis software for decision making from our team of certified trainers. Our experts will equip you with skills on a variety of statistical analysis techniques ranging from exploratory data analysis to predictive statistics.

Training Outcomes:

  • You will learn how to quickly get a feel of your data and easily generate output tables, graphs and charts.
  • You will also apply various techniques to discover how variables are correlated and test for underlying associations.
  • You will gain skills on a number of regression analyses and multivariate techniques.
  • You will acquire competencies and insights into time-series and forecasting.
  • You will experience a user-friendly, fun-filled learning environment.

Targeted Audience

While a background in statistics gives you a head-start, you need not worry at all about all the formulas and algebra that usually drive people crazy. We have filtered out all the boring stuff and packaged for you what really matters – the practical application of software to analyse your data, interpret and generate reports with ease. You get quickly oriented with the user-interface, code, and will be able to key in, clean, transform and manage data like a professional.