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On Premises​

Traditional data centres consist of various pieces of hardware, such as a desktop computer, which are connected to a network via a remote server. This server is typically installed on the premises, and provides all employees using the hardware, access to the business’s stored data and applications.

Businesses with this IT model must purchase additional hardware and upgrades in order to scale up their data storage and services to support more users. Mandatory software upgrades are also required with traditional IT infrastructure to ensure fail safe systems are in place to in case a hardware failure occurs. For many businesses with IT data centres, an in-house IT department is needed to install and maintain the hardware.

On the other hand, traditional IT infrastructures are considered to be one of the most secure data hosting solutions and allows you to maintain full control of your company’s applications and data on the local server. They are a customised, dedicated system ideal for organisations that need to run many different types of applications. 

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